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Arevik National Park

Arevik National Park was established in 2009. The territory of the park is 31211.19 hectares and occupies the southern slopes of the Meghri ridge and the valleys of the Meghri, Nyuvadi, Shvanidzor rivers, and several other low-water rivers.

The purpose of the creation of the Arevik National Park is to ensure the landscape and biological diversity of the Bogakar Nature Reserve, a typical mountain floristic area of Meghri, the Meghri Mountain range and its mountain dumps, protection, restoration, reproduction, and sustainable use of rare endemic and endangered species, natural heritage, and natural resources.

It has rich biodiversity and is a habitat for rare and endangered animal species such as Persian leopard (Pardus saxicolor), Wild goat (Capra aegagrus), Mouflon (Ovis Ammon gmelini), Greek tortoise (Testudo graeca), Montivipera raddei (Vipera raddei), Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra meridionalis),  Caucasian grouse (Tetrao mlokosiewiczi) et al.

Of the plant species listed in the Red Book, species that grow only in the Floral area of Megri have been discovered.