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"Clean Coast, Clean Spring" Environmental Campaign

The Branch of the German Nature Protection Union (NABU) in the Republic of Armenia is launching the Clean Coast, Clean Spring environmental campaign.

Water areas rich in unique species of animals and plants are extremely important for both wildlife and normal human life, therefore, the protection of these areas is the responsibility of each of us. The main causes of pollution of aquatic ecosystems in Armenia are agricultural and industrial activities, as well as the indifference of the population to this problem, despite the fact that water resources are the wealth of Armenia.

As the issues of water pollution and low level of environmental education in Armenia remain relevant, NABU branch in Armenia continues its Clean Coast, Clean Spring environmental campaign. The campaign will not only contribute to the development of a clean environment, but will also develop the participants' ecological culture, which will later become an example for others.

This campaign of the NABU branch in Armenia provides an opportunity to take an active approach to the environmental problem of environmental pollution, in particular water resources, as well as promotes a responsible attitude towards water resources, drawing public attention to this problem and ways to solve it.

All those who have the desire, a formed team and know the water area that needs cleaning, can contact us, and we will support the cleaning work in that area.

Fill out the application and pay attention to the surrounding environment.