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"Vulture Awareness Month" in Armenia

Dear followers of NABU! September 1st International Knowledge Day and we extend our congratulations; however, as you may know, today is also the International Day of Vulture Awareness, which is traditionally celebrated every year on the first Saturday of September.

Joining the world, the NABU-Armenia announces a Vulture Month in Armenia, which is planned to organize vulture awareness campaigns  through social networks, schools and public places to prevent vandalism and to create a caring attitude towards these birds.

During this month,  on our   Facebook page,

we will be posting interesting materials about vultures, their lifestyle and prevalence;  you also have an opportunity to share with us your interesting materials (photo, video, texts, and other, in any formats). The best materials will get with incentive prizes and will be published on our Facebook page.

We also plan a series of lectures titled "Vultures of Armenia" in various schools and will announce a competition for schoolchildren for the best drawing, story or any other original material about vultures. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in our bird-watching tour – to observe these species in the natural setting.

The series of events will conclude with a public lecture and an open bird-watching tour. Information about the tour will be available on our Facebook page in the coming days.

We are open to your offers and we look forward to your participation.

P.S. We are also glad to inform you that we have joined the International Vulture Awareness Day, More information on it can be found   here.