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"Vulture Awareness Month" in Schools

We are happy to announce the start of lecture series in the schools of Armenia as part of the Vulture Awareness Month. And the first schools on our list were secondary schools of Ayntap and Hatsik. During the lecture students got an opportunity to hear about vultures of Armenia, learn interesting facts about them and their life cycles. We also prepared interesting materials about vultures, which were handed over to students as gifts.

In the end we announced the “Let’s save vultures” competition, which is organized by NABU-Armenia, within the framework of the Vulture Awareness Month in Armenia. To participate in the contest, students must submit drawings, stories or other materials that express their ideas for preserving the vultures inhabiting the territory of Armenia. The aim of the competition is to develop a caring attitude towards nature in students, to teach them to think about protecting animals and plants living around them.