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The Census Is in the Active Phase

White stork census is in active progress.

The census examines both the number of adult storks and chicks and the pollution index, as follows:

  • whether storks are contaminated.
  • if is contaminated, is it noticeable in young or adult storks,
  • and the level of contamination is also highlighted.

Since the NABU branch in Armenia has been implementing the "White Stork Research and Conservation" program since 2020, the organization already has geographical coordinates of all nests.

This makes it possible to clearly register the appearance of new nests, as well as to study whether the nests already discovered in advance are active this year or not.

This year is the international year of white stork census, which is coordinated by the German Nature Protection Union (NABU). In this regard, the organization's branch in Armenia is conducting stork census in ALL Armenia this year.